Monday, February 2, 2009

Wanna make Bux doin simple copy paste work???

U can work with craiglist for posting ads n get paid for that... Can u spare 5 to 10minutes a day???.. Then u can use it to put a few bucks in ur pocket... I will not assure that u can make 100's of $$$ with this but u sure can make 50 to 60$ per month for sure. All u have to do is copy n paste..

To work with them u need to sign up with these two sites : and

Watch the video in the first site to know how to post the ads.

Happy Earnings :)

Post a comment here if u have any doubts n i'll get back to u.

Here is my payment proof...


  1. bonny is good we should all listen to her! Thanks Bonny!


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